Thrive with ADHD!

Get help from a PhD and ADHD coach

Living with ADHD is quite tiresome, challenging and painful. Even if you got medication there is so much more to do!
You struggle to maintain your focus on your homework or projects for work bringing feelings of frustration, inefficiency and underachievement. You also suffer from being able to control your impulses, like interrupting when others speak, trouble to wait for your turn or saying things you regret leading to feelings of guilt, shame and self blame. And I know you struggle with time management, procrastination and organization, leading to a sense of being overwhelm, stress and constant behind.

 Imagine your life being able to finish your projects or homework on time and being able to concentrate for a longer period of time without looking out the window or interrupting to do another activity or imagine your life without the feeling of “not being good enough” for that job offer or test or to finish the project in an organized way and without so much anxiety and stress! Or just not longer suffer from that intense emotional reactions and you are able to control your anxiety!

What results can you expect from my support

You will learn to sustain your attention for longer periods of time, enhance your memory and a better brain processing speed. You will also learn the tools necessary for change so you could lead a happier life and you will improve your self esteem since you will be more productive and will be less forgetful. Your anxiety will be less intense and you will be enjoying a much better sense of well being. You will also learn healthy ADHD brain practices so you can improve your general cognitive functioning.   

Some Testimonials

Recognizing that you need help in order to have a better quality of life is the first step in your journey. Then, I will be with you until you accomplish your goals and you succeed. You are not alone any longer! My name is Dr. Diana Kaplan and I am a PhD in clinical Psychology, ADHD coach and an Attention and Memory coach. I have been working for over 30 years in this field changing my tools and techniques according to new approaches and scientific studies. I am from South America and therefore I conduct my treatments in English or Spanish. Book now your free consultation so you can learn how to accomplish all your goals and lead a happier life.